Poffo Ortiz is an author, artist, poet, philosopher, teacher and theological innovator, with an extensive, self-taught education in philosophy, psychology, biology, science, history, mythology, metaphysics, religion, spirituality and the occult. Specializing in biblical history and comparative religion, he espouses a passionate, integrated philosophy, derived from a deep understanding of these subjects and a variety of experiences that range from counseling and evangelism, to acting, directing and designing special make-up effects.

An outspoken leader and educator in the philosophical realm of Pantheism, he is the creator and founder of a powerful, burgeoning movement known as, “Biopantheism”—an ethics-based, biologically-focused, codification of Pantheism, with a comprehensive ontology that includes a speculative, Pandeistic explanation for the origins of the Universe and a practical, real-world application that involves environmentalism, sustainable living, ecological awareness and wildlife conservation. A unique doctrine, that places its emphasis on science, cosmology, life in the physical world and all things relevant and meaningful to biological organisms and the human condition.

By combining Religious Naturalism, Deep Ecology and Secular Humanism, together with classical Pantheism theology and a poetic, Pagan element in terms of symbolism and aesthetics, Poffo has successfully discovered the balance between science and religion—as Biopantheism is both a philosophy, and a Naturalistic form of spirituality, embodying both ancient wisdom and modern scientific theories and cosmology, in a meaningful, practical application, that allows for the mystical experience, without abandoning critical thinking, logic or reason.

For the last three years, Poffo has dedicated his life to teaching and promoting this philosophy online and in local group meetings in and around the Los Angeles area. A prolific writer, with nine books to his name that he regularly distributes and sells online, he spends nearly all of his free time doing online and street activism, as well as discussing and promoting Biopantheism through various Facebook groups and other social media outlets.

A gifted author, an avid outdoorsman, a passionate animal lover and a spirited humanitarian, Poffo finds peace and solace at night and in isolated, rural settings. Drawing inspiration from the beauty and complexity of the natural world, he seeks to communicate and express this belief system any way he can, sharing his ideas with everyone he comes into contact with, in order to promote change, raise the collective consciousness, liberate those who suffer distorted thinking and stir up and inspire the divine potential within.

Aspiring to live a more simple, rustic lifestyle, amid the heavily wooded forests of the Pacific Northwest, Poffo has recently re-located to Portland, Oregon. Here, he spends his days writing, researching and editing his books, with his greatest focus aimed at further developing his philosophy and communicating its subtleties with others, in order to establish the very first real-world Biopantheist assembly and teach the masses his own unique brand of spirituality, that centers around evolution, communion with Nature and an acute awareness of what he calls the “Divine Principle” found within all things.

In an effort to establish and promote this burgeoning, “meta-religion” he is also working together with many pre-existing, local, Earth-based, Nature-centered organizations, movements and spiritual communities, with possible avenues of interest and collaboration that include various Atheist and Secular Humanist groups, certain Wiccan and Neopagan groups, many Environmentalist and Animal Rights Activist groups, all Unitarian Universalist churches, and the entire Vegan community at large.

Poffo is the former organizer of the Portland chapter of Anonymous for the Voiceless, an international animal rights activism group that holds weekly demonstrations, exposing the inherent cruelty and violence of the meat, dairy, egg, fishing, leather, fur and wool industries and the damaging ethical, environmental and health consequences of animal agriculture in general. He also does monthly podcasts that cover a wide range of pertinent topics and themes, including the Philosophy, Science & Religion show and his own show, “Sacred Places; The Pantheist Experience”, which deals with the subject of Pantheism itself and the personal experience of Nature-centered spirituality.