What is “Biopantheism”?

Biopan Symbol3

“Biopantheism” is a Nature-based, Life-centered, ethics-driven, biologically-focused, codification of Pantheism, with a comprehensive ontology that includes a speculative, Pandeistic explanation for the origins of the Universe and a practical, real-world application that involves Biocentric ideals, communion with Nature, ecological awareness, sustainability, environmentalism, wildlife conservation, animal rights activism and holistic health.

A unique doctrine, that places its emphasis on science, cosmology, life in the physical world and all things relevant and meaningful to the human condition, with a particular emphasis on living organisms and the evolution of consciousness.

By combining Religious Naturalism and Deep Ecology, together with classical Pantheistic philosophy (Substance Monism) and a poetic, Pagan aesthetic in terms of symbolism and metaphor, “Biopan” represents the quintessential balance between science and religion, as it is both a philosophical worldview and a tangible form of spirituality.

A movement that embraces both ancient wisdom and modern scientific knowledge in a meaningful and practical way, Biopan not only teaches science and biology, but also leaves room for the numinous and the mystical/transcendent experience, without abandoning critical thinking, logic or reason.

Rejecting the traditional notions of Theism and the conventional doctrines, dogmas and theologies of the Abrahamic faiths, Biopan stands as a healthy, Earth-based, Nature-centered alternative to the harmful and destructive fundamentalist religions that seek to dominate our world.

We are a sanctuary for all those who have been wounded and oppressed by religious indoctrination, valuing objective truth and evidence-based thinking over superstition, emotionalism, and any unsubstantiated false claims of the supernatural.

Unreservedly, we seek to bridge the gap between Atheism and Naturalistic Spirituality, by cultivating a deep and abiding love and respect for the Universe, Nature and all Life forms, with a contemporary, Pantheistic awareness of the immanent and emergent Divinity of Bruno, Spinoza, Einstein, Sagan and Watts.

To us, “Pan” means Nature, Pan means forests and trees, mountains and caverns, oceans, rivers, lakes and streams, plants and animals, earth and sky, body and mind—these things are holy, sacred and worthy of the highest reverence. The earth is our home and all things are related, interdependent and connected. The Universe is a living organism– an incomprehensibly massive, collective intelligence, of which we are all a significant and ever-evolving part.

Our goal is to foster and promote these ideals and spread this worldview, by encouraging unity, compassion, altruism and love. To educate, enlighten, influence and inspire, both ourselves and others, to live up to our highest potential, by recognizing and acknowledging our immanent godhood and tapping into and harnessing our divine creative power, as individuals and as a species.

As stated, “Biopantheism” refers to a form of Pantheism that is both old and new; scientific, as well as spiritual; mystical, while at the same time rational; emotional, and yet wholly based on logic and reason. It centers around the idea of an immanent, emergent Divinity, manifesting and expressing Itself unconsciously through all Life forms and coming into personal awareness and coherence presently, through us.

With this knowledge, we contemplate our ineffable origins and postulate on what it really means to be human. For us, Nature and the Universe represent the highest source of power, the highest source of intelligence and creativity—and we honor and respect the permeating, “Divine Essence” inherent in all.

Focusing expressly on plants and animals, our relationship to them, and what is relevant and meaningful with regards to biological organisms and their surrounding ecosystems, we recognize and acknowledge the fundamental, age-old, Pantheistic truth that the Universe is divine and we are all one.

Not only do we make this extraordinary claim, but we are also ready to verify and confirm this ultimate and profound mystery through science, biology, astronomy, quantum physics, intuition and practical, real-world observation as well. When considered mindfully and examined contemplatively, this awareness can and will, lead to the highest level of ethics and morality attainable.

This is a form of Pantheism that exalts and honors Nature, living systems and the biological processes of the earth, and places its emphasis on life in the physical world and the application of Pantheistic principles and ideals in a practical, everyday sense—as well as on a much larger, broader, global and universal scale.

We assert that ethics, morality and veganism naturally stem from this belief system—and contend that for this reason (as well as many others), it should be passionately fostered and promoted. This teaching is likewise represented and expressed by a profound love of Nature and a perpetual love for the earth, as manifested through altruism, environmentalism, wildlife conservation, animal rights activism, the promotion of permaculture, sustainable living, and a resource-based economy.

It is this transcendent awareness of the interconnectedness and interdependence of all things, that elicits the deepest feelings of reverence, wonderment and awe, in those who take the time to carefully observe and actively participate, in the many miracles that exist all around them—in the micro-world as well as in the macro.

We commune with Nature to elevate our minds and our consciousness. We promote science, evolution and a deep reverence for Life. Working together as one cohesive whole, we encourage one another to participate in group discussions on our Facebook page and contribute their time and resources in any way they can to further this cause. Our goal is to positively influence others and share this message of hope and inspiration with the world.

Driven and motivated by a keen understanding of the true nature of reality, we shine and glow as enlightened beings, illuminating the path for others and encouraging free-thought, inquiry, personal growth, self-progression, innovation, creativity, education, and the expansion of knowledge.

We see the earth and all of her living systems as something sacred and holy, to be cherished and protected forever, even as we cherish and guard our own bodies from destruction and harm. Join us, as we celebrate life, the invaluable lessons it has to teach us and the profound wisdom derived from assiduous study of the natural world.

And so, motivated by compassion, compelled by reason and convicted by science, with a profound and inexplicable desire to “connect” with the fragile and indomitable Omnia, we ritually commemorate the seasons, respectfully learn from the past, amiably look forward to the future, and wholeheartedly embrace the present…

Meaningfully, passionately and reverently, we honor the ineffable “All” and acknowledge the wondrous diversity and complexity, within the similitude of our differentiated, collective Being. Striving ever and always to evolve and progress, in order to develop a deeper and more inspired awareness of the divine Whole. This is our Source, this is our Life, this is Who we are!

Now and forever, in Nature we trust.

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