The Goals, Motivations, Purpose & Intentions of Biopantheism


My Goals:

What exactly is it that I hope to accomplish through the formation of this movement? Well, I have many goals, one of which is to make Pantheism a relevant and rational alternative to the Abrahamic faiths. Another is to have a philosophical/spiritual basis for environmental ethics and morality—a universally established morality, that not only includes humans, but all plants and animals as well, along with the ecosystem and the entire biosphere.

Most would agree that it would be a good thing to introduce a philosophy that would (hopefully) move people away from harmful and destructive religions that do not care for the Earth… and yet they question the idea of creating and instituting a specific set of morals and guidelines, citing that this would end up becoming something that is not that far from just another dogmatic religion, etc. In response to this, I would say: I’m not “creating” anything—the morals and ethics already exist, they are intrinsic within human and non-human animal interactions and easily determined by the laws of cause and effect. “Consequences” are our guide, not my own judgment of what is right or wrong.

Some would say that apart from getting people away from harmful religions, everything else could actually be accomplished through secular means, without the need for Pantheism at all. This is of course true for the most part, but among the general populous, there is also a significant need for spirituality, for ritual and symbolism, communal observance and celebration, etc. These things are hardwired into us and there is nothing at all wrong with this, as long as everything is based on reality and not fiction or superstition.

If we can get people away from religious institutions and the insane practice of deriving their morals from an ancient storybook, the rest should follow naturally. Many people who have come out of religion are still seeking fulfillment and have a significant need to feel that higher connection, that greater sense of meaning and purpose, etc… so I’m here to tell them, it ALREADY exists, it’s our own interconnectedness with Nature and the Universe, and our divine legacy as human beings!

With regards to a moral code, all of the ethics and values within Biopantheism are humanistic… but it goes further, because it also involves Ahimsa, Systems Theory, the Gaia Hypothesis, and everything that we now know from science about modern biology, ecology and environmentalism. What we believe in is Nature… and that Nature is more remarkable and extraordinary than what most people realize. We have no gods or goddesses (like other religions), but we do think religiously about Nature and view It as sacred and divine.

In stark contrast to most religions, there are absolutely NO transcendent gods or goddesses in Biopantheism, because it is a completely Naturalistic philosophy. We believe that Nature is divine and we are all a part of Nature. We believe that the Universe Itself is God… but not in the sense that It is a personal, conscious or coherent entity, that can intervene on your behalf or suspend Its own immutable laws.

Constantly I am reminded about what it means for human beings to evolve, what it takes and what is required, the obstacles we face and the continuing path that lies before us. As Biopans, we wish to unite and assimilate all human knowledge. We wish to co-exist and advance and progress and grow, live peacefully with one another and live in harmony with the Earth—and that means doing away with religion and learning the truth about reality… which to me, is Biopantheism.

My Purpose:

Creating this “meta-religion” serves many purposes, one of which is giving those who are already religious an alternative, that is fundamentally based on science, reason, logic and the laws of cause and effect. It is an Earth-based form of spirituality, that delivers everything traditional religions do, while placing all of the focus and emphasis on living organisms and the natural world (the only place our attention really should be).

I believe that one of the ways we can communicate these “scientific” truths should be through myth and poetry, using art and imagination to build bridges to traverse the gulf of mystery and help the human mind comprehend the ineffable. There are many ways to do this, but this method is sure to be enduring and elicit strong emotional responses, thereby increasing the efficacy and overall impact, which will in turn lead to greater motivation and passion when it comes to following and adhering to this philosophy.

Furthermore, I think mythology, story-telling, imagination and fantasy are extremely powerful ways to connect ourselves to our own highest ideals. As Joseph Campbell once said: it’s the penultimate, that allows us to make the jump to the ineffable, as long as it is duly recognized as mythology, and the allegory is clearly seen as allegory, and the metaphor is understood to be a metaphor, etc.

Which is where the major problem lies with the approach of religious Syncretists, the Baha’i Faith, Perennial Philosophy, and all those who call themselves “Omnists”, in that their confidence that the institutions which already exist, which have done so much harm and atrocity, can still somehow be salvaged and reformed. I don’t believe they can… and furthermore, I don’t believe they should be. And so, I propose a new myth, a new “story” to light the way and lead us into this higher perspective—something that is completely original and fresh… something novel, while at the same time intrinsic and familiar. Enter, my tour de force novella, “The Portal of Adamastos.”

I wrote The Portal for many reasons, one of which was to provide a “mythical” basis for Pantheistic thought and Biocentric ideals. To create a “new” religion, so-to-speak, complete with its own symbology and relevant characters, themes and events, that have multiple meanings, which can all be studied, analyzed and dissected, in order to extract the profound truths I’ve embedded on every page.

The story is multi-faceted, filled with many covert allusions, vivid imagery and singularly dramatic events, with elaborate descriptions that dually serve as both literal actions and symbolic metaphors, allowing me to convey a plethora of many profound and enlightening messages, concerning: the origins of Life, science and biology, history, religion, metaphysics, spirituality, environmentalism, veganism, and my ultimate beliefs and convictions as a Pantheist.

It is in this way that I hope to share my insights and influence others… by constructing a deliberate, mythological basis or literary foundation, to promote and encourage the Biocentric, ethical and spiritual teachings of Biopantheism, giving the philosophy an epic “fable” to associate itself with, that will work to personify and codify its noble intentions and ideals. Ideals that I believe are not only 100% relevant at this time, but also vitally necessary and essential, if we as a species are to survive.

I would urge everyone who disagrees, to first read my book and then decide for themselves if they still wish to look backwards to the tired old fables and motifs derived from a bygone era (the Bronze and Iron Age), that people have been glorifying and promoting for more than two millennia.

Contrary to many of my colleagues, I don’t believe religion can be “reformed” but rather, that a new “religion of reality” needs to be established, to overshadow and overtake the old, until it is the majority… and religious literalism and fundamentalism are completely choked out of existence and obscured by the great and compelling weight of science and reason and the mystical experience of a more heightened awareness of the magnificence of Nature begins to supersede all, until it becomes the norm, readily accepted and embraced by all who dwell upon the Earth!

Even though I recognize the value of myth and allegory in communicating profundities, I only care about what is true and what actually exists (not just what exists in the minds of others). Some would say this is a limitation, but I believe it is the only way we can remain free from emotional and psychological manipulation. I say, to hell with antiquated religions… let’s talk about what ACTUALLY exists and let’s raise awareness about the wonders of reality, and the ancient and perpetual beauty and complexity of Nature. And to me, this is Biopantheism.

My Perspective:

By now you should know my perspective—that Nature IS divine and we are all a part of that divinity, which means we have access to infinite potential. Nature is all there is and there is nothing beyond or outside of Nature (no transcendent world, etc). We know this scientifically. I believe in Nature and so should you… indeed, it is the only reality that matters. It’s true, I have my own theories and speculations about our ineffable beginnings and I do maintain postulations about our future, but these are theories and extrapolations, nothing more.

They are necessary on a certain level, because they bring clarity and focus to what would otherwise be an open-ended and undefined existence within a cold and indifferent Universe. Furthermore, since most mainstream religions have their own origin stories and preach and teach specific beliefs about eschatology, it is important to provide a similar basis for the unanswerable questions. This allows those who have come out of religious systems to have a kind of replacement theology (though speculative as it may be) that is more accurate and in line with science than any religious delusion.

Now, here’s the takeaway:  most do not have an accurate understanding of what Nature really is (God), what It does (self-organize, evolve, learn and experience) and how all-encompassing, intelligent and powerful It truly is (omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent). Once this is properly understood, then the right attitude and perspective can be fostered, promoted and taught… and that’s where Biopan comes in.

Then and only then, can a completely Naturalistic, Earth-based spirituality be developed and established—which, as I’ve explained, is really just a higher level of awareness of reality and a personal connection to Nature. It is simply a deeper, more conscientious and intentional communion with the natural forces in our lives. Biocentrism is the goal, living in harmony with Nature and every other Life form is the purpose. It is a collective form of unity and cohesion that will help to facilitate our evolution and resurrect the sleeping Omnia on a moral and intellectual level.

As I said, I only believe in Nature. Indeed, it is Nature within me that compels me to move in this direction. Contrary to what most think, we are an integral part of Nature, not above or beyond It, but intricately and intimately woven into Its tapestry and utterly dependent upon It, just as It is interwoven into us and dependent upon us. We are products of Nature, manifestations of Omnia.

Even so, evolutionarily speaking, we are the most highly developed species on the planet at this time, when it comes to our cognitive and intellectual capacity (just ahead of other primates and cetaceans), but that doesn’t give us dominion over other non-human animals. On the contrary, we have an even greater responsibility as stewards of the Earth, who are capable of complex emotions and moral reasoning, abstract thinking, the ability to distinguish between right and wrong and the power to manipulate and reshape our environment—an awesome privilege and an awesome responsibility indeed!

What I Seek to Create:

I’ve made it my goal to be able to articulate and explain these things, even to the uneducated and the uninitiated who lack this deeper knowledge, because I think it is something vital and important that all of us as Pantheists should learn how to do. One of the main reasons I started Biopan was to ask the really big questions and figure all of these things out and discover the truth about reality and develop and establish an accurate and reliable worldview, that can then be taught and promoted on a larger, much broader scale.

This movement is about codification; defining and organizing Pantheism into a practical, relevant and beneficial, philosophical ideal… since, on its own, it has been dead in the water and generally disregarded, irrelevant, obscure and unknown to the vast majority of people who inhabit this planet. This philosophy is about discovering what is true about reality and weeding out all the garbage and misconceptions when it comes to life, God, religion and the Divine. That’s why I write and that’s what I’m working towards.

I even state this very clearly in the welcoming/screening message that I send out to all new members when they request to join my Facebook group and it is only their own sincere acknowledgement to me through private message that grants them membership. There are enough groups out there that are designed for open-ended discussion and the exploration of a variety of Pan-related subjects and themes that have no specific direction or focus in mind… but that is NOT what Biopantheism is about at all.

Biopan is about the consolidation of all scientific and philosophical knowledge and wisdom into a practical, accurate vision of the world, that accounts for our origins and answers the most pertinent questions, bringing guidance, meaning and direction to the human experience. It’s about a healthy and realistic alternative to traditional, conventional religions, that are essentially all based upon lies, deceptions and glorified fairy-tales.

It’s about moving past dogma and vain and irrelevant rituals and creating something concrete, cohesive and valid, that actually benefits humanity as well as all conscious Life, by eliminating archaic superstition and the emotionally and psychologically destructive delusional thinking that typically characterizes nearly all mainstream religions. A philosophy and an ideal that naturally motivates and inspires people to recognize their own inherent divinity and care for the environment and love and esteem one another, with the highest ethical standards one can have, that allows plants, animals, and all living organisms to receive the respect and consideration they rightfully deserve.

An inalienable right that has been taken from us and denied, because of the widespread influence of mainstream religions and the promotion of archaic myths, legends, superstition and misinformation when it comes to reality. For some, these pursuits may represent a casual, recreational thing… but for me, it’s much different. This movement represents my entire life. In a word, it is my future—and the direction I take in the next few years will be solely dependent upon the progress I make when it comes to this philosophy. Take it or leave it, these are my feelings and I think after three and a half years and countless hours dedicated to this cause, I’ve earned the right to express myself freely, without having to worry about who I piss off or who I happen to offend.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m extremely invested in this philosophy. For me, this is not just some silly idea that I’m trying to promote for fun… no, I’m literally trying to create a significant movement in our world that will gain enough momentum and popularity so as to rival the three great Monotheistic religions. Ultimately, I want to create something that will serve as a healthy and beneficial alternative to religion and a viable solution to all of the problems we currently face—emotionally, psychologically, socially, economically and environmentally, etc.

My Vision:

I would like to see education centers established and spread out all across this nation, with local chapters and leaders in every state, to organize meetings and coordinate inspirational talks and presentations. I want to make videos and documentaries highlighting this worldview, in order to educate and inform the public of just who we are and what we believe. I would like to see, if possible, Biopantheist “churches” on every corner, with a plethora of books and reading material on the subject available at every turn.

And by the way, I only use the word “church” to infer that I wish for it to be an organized and progressive movement, that is focused on ethics, morality, spirituality and Biocentric ideals. In its formation, my ultimate hope and goal is that it will become widespread and large enough, so as to rival and eventually make obsolete, every other kind of faith-based ideology (which are ultimately founded on nonsense, lies and glorified mythology). I want to stir up the masses and motivate change when it comes to social, political and environmental problems that must be addressed with a more holistic mindset.

Imagine celebrities and leaders in the scientific community coming out in support and speaking about it on the news? Wildlife conservationists, biologists, ecologists and other respected intellectuals attending huge rallies, where we can collectively speak, let our voices be heard and gain exposure, in order to influence and encourage others to organize and assemble, for the purpose of education, fellowship and collective activism.

Ideally, group meetings would be held outdoors, in a natural setting or around a wooded area—on a beach, in a park, etc. A building would be useful however, to show films and host presentations and slideshows, house books and movies, etc. As far as fellowship and a place where disillusioned and jaded ex-Christians, ex-Muslims and ex-Jews can go to learn about reality and pursue spirituality in a Naturalistic way, with the exception of the Unitarian Universalist congregations, no such organization currently exists to provide this.

As I said, I wouldn’t necessarily call it a “church”, but it would serve the purpose of what churches presently do—bringing people together with common interests, to teach, educate, comfort and inspire. I want to allow Pantheists the freedom and the opportunity to fellowship and exchange ideas, encourage one another and cultivate and stimulate personal growth and evolution.

Why should Christians, Muslims and Jews have a monopoly on fellowship and human solidarity? Especially when what they teach and promote is based on fabrication, myths and lies, and supports unrealistic, over-idealized concepts that cause delusional thinking and emotional imbalances? No, I would start fresh, beginning from what science teaches us and observation confirms. Beyond the fabled “Jesus” or the invented apostles and any of the loathsome Old Testament patriarchs, my pillars would be Pythagoras, Socrates, Lucretius, Hypatia, Galileo, Newton, Bruno, Spinoza, Tesla, Einstein, Jung and Sagan.

The spirit of Native American culture and the Pagan sentiments of the Celts, the poetic wisdom of John Muir and the American Transcendentalists, combined with the knowledge and insights of modern biology and astronomy. The heart of Jane Goodall and Jacques Cousteau and the passion of Steve Irwin, when it comes to conservation and the love and respect we ought to show to the Earth and all living things.

Name me ANY institution or organization (religious or otherwise), that ever combined the accumulated wisdom of these? This is what I desire and this is what I seek to do—to create something completely new, that will draw Pantheists, Atheists, Agnostics, Secular Humanists, Pagans, Wiccans, Religious Naturalists, Scientists, Astronomers, Biologists, Zoologists, Ecologists, Conservationists, Environmentalists, Vegans, Humanitarians, Philosophers, Poets, and anyone and everyone associated with the New Age movement, that prefers reality and the glory of Nature, over unsubstantiated claims and subjective mysticism.

My Motivation:

I want to see Pantheism grow and spread to eventually influence and enlighten the world. I want it to gain the exposure and credibility it deserves… and I want it to evolve and become a significant movement that rivals, and eventually surpasses, Christianity, Judaism and Islam, in both popularity and cultural eminence. I want it to transcend, engulf and dominate, the consciousness of the masses and revolutionize the world… with the ultimate effect being, a universal elevation of virtuous thoughts, ideas and values.

We’ve all seen the power a simple myth can have upon the human psyche (Christianity), all because that myth embodied the hopes and ideals of humanity, now it’s time for Nature to take back the planet and manifest the power of REALITY. Long enough have we suffered under the burden of archaic mysticism and supernatural delusions that promote guilt and fear, false hope and disappointment. Long enough have the populous cried out to their invented gods and sought the comfort and council of corrupt and greedy religious leaders who have NOT had their best interest in mind. And now, in part because of this ignorance and irreverence for true Divinity, we face ecological disaster at every turn.

Depression, anxiety and other emotional disorders have risen to epidemic levels. Alcoholism, drug addiction, and substance abuse problems dominate our culture… and violence and warfare threaten the peace and stability of every nation on Earth. Our species needs to evolve if we are ever to survive and I see Pantheism—and particularly, Biopantheism, as a viable and effective solution to all of the problems we currently face… in our societies AND in our ecosystems as well.

Consider the following: we have never had a resource-based economy or a bio-ethically-based culture, fueled only by a symbiotic attitude of cooperation and altruism; a holistic, religious respect for Nature and a universally known and accepted spirituality, that embodies a shared reverential love for the Earth. What would such a society look like? Where the sacredness of all biological organisms is held in the highest regard and the greatest common denominator that compels the human race is based on logic, reason and our collective unification, under a Pantheistic model—a personal conviction, fueled by a profound understanding of the sanctity of Life and the interconnectedness of all things!

THIS is my motivation… and to that end, I struggle and strive daily. But in order for this message to spread, it must be codified… and in order for it to find relevance in the hearts and minds of the people, it must be communicated… and in order for it to gain momentum, it must be taught… and in order for it to influence effectively, it must be shared. Hence, I do what I do. To bring credence to this concept and proclaim these sacred truths.

I am thankful for the wonderful gift of Life and I think we have an incredible opportunity as Pantheists to unite and affect real change in this world. I know I only have a limited amount of time on Earth to do this, so I’m going to make every effort I can to learn, grow, experience all that I can and influence others in a passionate, meaningful and enduring way… so that when I die, my life will have counted for something and I will have contributed to the evolution of our species as a whole.

As far as we know, there is nothing beyond this life that we will experience in the same coherent form (there is no evidence that our consciousness survives after physical death) and I accept that… so I wish to pass on my thoughts and ideas to any and all who will listen. I will never have children, so this will be my one and only legacy. I want to affect as many people as possible, in a positive, uplifting and inspiring way. We have one chance at this life, one shot to do something profound and meaningful. I eat, sleep and breathe Pantheism, because I believe that when properly understood and applied, it will lead to a collective shift in consciousness that could revolutionize the world.

I only espouse one thing:  the glory of reality and a deep and abiding love and respect for Nature and all of Its interconnected systems. These things motivate me, they push me to evolve and continue moving forward… and I long for a day when people can see themselves in each other and do away with all of the ignorance, bigotry, hatred, violence and greed that separates us and threatens to dominate our world. It’s not just a dream, we can make it happen, but we HAVE to work together. There has to be cohesion and a unified, singular vision. Hence, I have created Biopantheism.

Among the Pantheist community, everyone seems to *intellectually* know that “God is everything”, but how many people really comprehend and understand the ramifications of this statement and live by it and apply it to their lives? How many consider it on a daily basis and keep this awareness at the forefront of everything they do? It is my contention that if more people truly understood this concept and allowed it to resonate in their hearts and guide them in their lives, it would literally change the world.

My Task:

As for me, I’m going to continue to do everything I can to make a difference, through my writing and through forums like Facebook and YouTube. Pantheism will grow and spread, in one form or another… it must, because the time to act is now and our future depends upon it. We need to adopt a unified, biological system of morality, founded on a practical, Earth-based form of spirituality, wherein we recognize the interconnectedness, interdependence, and “inter-being” of ourselves and all living things.

This is one of the main reasons why I teach and promote Biopantheism, and why I’m so adamant about seeing it become a full-fledged, organized and coherent movement, because I see this attitude as the ultimate solution to all of the problems we face in our societies and in our ecosystems. Do you see any other group or movement that embodies the collective spirit of our best and brightest on Earth? Where is the voice of reason in the world, holding out this standard, making biological Life and the welfare of plants, animals, humans, and the environment, the highest priority?

I have written about this extensively and I am confident that Biopantheism (or something like it), is the quintessential answer to everything that threatens to destroy our civilization and our precious biosphere; because it is, at its core, a most necessary, needed, poignant and profound philosophical outlook, that contains within it, the power to transform lives and set things right once and for all, on a global scale.

In order for it to do this, we first need to cultivate this awareness in ourselves and inspire an accurate and practical knowledge/understanding of it in others, with a clear comprehension of its principles, minus all of the abstract rhetoric and useless fillers so common in other philosophies. My only concern is the truth about the nature of existence, what matters in terms of our daily lives and what will benefit humanity, living organisms, and the planet at large.

By stripping Pantheism down to its most fundamental ethic and simultaneously developing it in a practical way, we can offset the manipulative powers that be, who only wish to profit and prosper from our stratification, discontentment and misery. By incorporating into our lives, those habits and activities that work best to keep us perpetually motivated and conscious of these truths, we can dispel the darkness and pave the way for a new and glorious future. Won’t you stand with me, as I attempt to share this message of inspiration and unity with the world?

When all is said and done, it is only ethical and moral behavior (i.e. compassion, empathy and altruism), that will serve as the remedy to the destructive patterns existent in the human condition. We need to collectively evolve, that’s all. And I believe that Pantheism (and specifically, the subsequent actions, attitudes and behaviors of contemplative, ethical Pantheism), is one possible pathway we could promote and endorse in achieving this supernal goal. Pantheism is just the easiest and most natural method of getting there.

Essentially, it is Spiritual Ecology, but it is also Bioethics and Biocentrism as well. By using science and our senses, we become intimately aware of reality and thus form a standard of ethics and morality, based on an acute awareness of the interconnectedness and interdependence of all things within the natural world. But in order to be successful, new language must be developed to express these things accurately and avoid the pitfalls of semantic confusion and misunderstanding when it comes to language and communication. This is part of what I’m doing with Biopan as well—developing new terminology and words, that more precisely convey these relavant and ineffable truths.

“Omnia”, “Omnideist Monism”, “Biodivinity”, “Bioethics”, “Progressive Evolution”, “Primitive Nature”, “Inter-being”, “Life Principle”, etc. These are all new words I have coined that express specific aspects of this ontology. Likewise, here are 9 classifications or *labels* if you will, that all contain the seeds for Biopantheistic thought and development: Atheist, Anti-theist, Agnostic, Skeptic, Free-thinker, Humanist, Pagan, New Age and Vegan. Each of these^ labels meets a certain need and works to provide a certain function, depending on where you are in your life and what your specific leanings are, what you gravitate towards and what your sentiments are concerning religion, ethics, social justice and spirituality.

There is nothing wrong with categories and niches, they serve a useful purpose and provide comfort, solidarity and fellowship. That’s all these 9 things are, and they are all healthy and life-affirming alternatives to the damaging effects of mainstream religion. All one need do to become an Atheist, Agnostic, Secular Humanist or Pantheist, is actually study religious texts in a thorough and comprehensive way, without any predetermined bias or existing opinion… and they will quickly discover the truth (since they all completely contradict and discredit themselves).

Concerning Religion:

Religious texts are outdated, irrelevant and harmful if taken literally. Although many feel otherwise, I don’t think mainstream religions are beneficial to society at all. I think they confuse and deceive people and create false beliefs that lead to delusional thinking. I am actually of the opinion that we can and should, bypass all religious texts entirely and just study and observe Nature with unbiased eyes. If and when we do this, we will ALL inevitably see “God.”

Religious texts are painfully anachronistic… and since they generally consist of glorified ancient mythology, they have nothing to do with reality or everyday life in a modern sense. Anything relevant or meaningful is *read-into* the text by those who already possess a predetermined bias and already maintain their own, pre-existing morality (which is often times greater than those of the authors of these writings themselves). Most are simply exaggerated accounts of history, combined with ancient mythology—moral codes and poetry, doctrines and teachings about supernatural beings that do not exist.

Any rational, thinking person would be hard-pressed to willingly associate with them in terms of the beliefs themselves, but as many historians and scholars will attest, there is much we can appreciate and relate to, in terms of the existential questions the authors were attempting to answer, and the universal experiences they were undergoing and trying to cope with at the time and convey. As I’ve stated, most “holy books” lead to delusional thinking… but that doesn’t mean there is no truth at all to be found in them, or that everything they say is altogether wrong or evil… but it’s the garbage, the misconceptions and the lies, mixed in with the truth, that make them so deceptive and damaging.

Of course, there are some beliefs that come closer to reality, like Taoism and Animism, etc. Likewise, nearly all religions have some form of mystical tradition to them as well (though they are generally considered “heretical” by the rest of their mainstream adherents). Many of these mystical traditions came closer to the truth than their orthodox interpretations, e.g. Sufism, Gnosticism and Kabbalah (although Kabbalah is really just fixating on the written words of the Torah and reading into every jot and tittle in an obsessive and superstitious fashion in an attempt to draw out symbolic meanings).

Likewise, I think the Nature worship within Paganism and Native American spirituality are very positive systems of belief, although there is also the false supernatural element and superstition/mysticism attached to these as well. Hinduism also has its strengths with Vedanta philosophy, which is essentially Pantheism, expressed through mythological metaphors and colorful personifications, but there are far too many obscure and irrelevant cultural traditions and Polytheistic associations with various supernatural gods and goddesses to make it a viable and practical option for modern society.

No, what is needed is a new framework by which to see the world, a new mindset and philosophical and ethical basis for everything we think and feel and do, that is not contingent upon archaic myth, or outdated and irrelevant moral codes and religious doctrines that have no basis in reality and no connection to the Earth or the biological processes which govern and sustain all Life. I literally only care about what is true, what is real and what actually exists. And I, unlike many others, don’t ascribe to the fallacious notion that truth is subjective or relative, but instead hold fast to the idea that objective truth is absolute and paramount, when it comes to the human experience.

I’m only interested in physical reality and our relationship to the natural world. The only thing that we know exists is Nature—and this should be our focus. My entire ontological perspective can be summed up by saying: “I embrace reality.” That’s why, as you will soon see, Biopan has been labeled and referred to in the past as the “Religion of Reality.”

My Intentions:

In developing this philosophy, suffice to say, I have many motivations, desires and intentions, but if I could summarize my goals in a singular way, I would say that it would be to cultivate and establish a global mindset of Biocentrism, i.e. not seeing humans as separate or apart from Nature; not viewing humanity as above Nature, but intimately connected to and dependent upon, the natural world… and not just as a pawn or an insignificant piece, but the most influential and important aspect at this time, in terms of our global impact on the biosphere and the destiny of Omnia on this planet.

We are the mind and heart of Divinity—the moral and ethical aspect of God. What I desire is nothing less than to establish a new age of awareness and raise the vibrational frequency of our collective consciousness, by implementing a system that accurately perceives reality. And with that knowledge, foster a deep and abiding love and respect for Life. All plants and animals, all living organisms hold value, significance and worth. This is the heart of Biocentrism.

Our shared biology—this is the emphasis and the focus; the common thread that binds us all. To live in harmony with Nature… to grow, progress and evolve in terms of virtue, compassion, intelligence and empathy. Cultivating and facilitating inspiration and higher thinking. Raising human consciousness, to allow ourselves and others to live up to their own greatest potential. Altruism, symbiotic relationships and cooperation, an end to all competition, exploitation, cruelty, violence and greed. Advancements in science, academia and technology, that lead to a heightened morality, effectively bringing about an end to all discrimination, stratification and disunity.

Up until now I’ve been speaking in general, but let me be specific and bring it home in a few words:  I want to put Pantheism on the map. I want to define, establish and formalize it. I want to create a powerful, influential, real-world movement, that will take us into the future and unite humanity under one banner. I want to create something that will serve as a viable and healthy alternative to the Abrahamic religions, making them obsolete and unnecessary.

I want to disprove and dismantle all mainstream religions. Not by violent revolution, or discrimination or oppression, but through EDUCATION… and by spreading knowledge and information. I want to shed light upon all archaic myths and superstitions, oust all religious leaders and expose them for the frauds they are. Deconstruct all erroneous belief systems that are not Earth-centered and based in reality, and bring to justice the crooks and charlatans who have consistently lied to, robbed, manipulated, oppressed and enslaved humanity for over 2,000 years.

You have heard me talk about what Pantheism is currently and you have heard me talk about what it should be. Hear me now, all those who resonate with my words: someone has to define it, or it will remain nebulous, abstract and amorphous… without any power, influence or direction. And so, this is my task. I am making Pantheism what it should be, by distilling the most relevant and critical elements and placing the focus where it needs to be, in order to make it practical and applicable to everyday life, and beneficial to all humans and non-human animals everywhere.

Our emphasis is on Life, biology and homeostasis with the natural world—the only things that really matter in terms of our continuing survival and our ethical and moral evolution as a species. This is my mission and my calling. Without reservation and without hesitation, without fear of ridicule or retaliation… I will offer the world a new paradigm, a light to guide our way through the darkness and confusion and misery. This is what I am doing and this is what I seek to create.

I ask you now… who among you understands all of this and is also committed to this singular vision? Who among you is available and up to the task? Who among you is willing to help me make this happen and aid me in this noble and necessary venture? Who will stand with me in my efforts and help make this ideal become a reality? Comment below or message me on Facebook and let us begin the journey toward enlightenment and evolution together, united as one species, on one planet, with one universal goal in mind: to ensure progress, prosperity and the peaceful coexistence of all.

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