The Divine Pattern


As stated many times before, the ontology of Biopan is based upon the Torus—the fundamental shape and form of every living thing that exists within every living system. This is NOT just speculation or wishful intent, but an inherent truth derived from a very scrupulous and comprehensive examination of all biological systems, both great and small. Energetically, all things follow this pattern, so why would the Universe be any different?

This ‘pattern’ is not just an abstract mathematical concept or an arbitrary geometric shape, but something that should in fact be considered sacred and holy—for it is the source of all energy cycles and all radial and spiral patterns and designs. It’s the reason all things move from chaos to order and then back again.

It is the blueprint for all living systems and the reason why they evolve and function so brilliantly and autonomously, with such ingenious, self-regulating, self-sustaining, emergent, internal properties that take in energy, reproduce, grow outward and expand, only to collapse and transform to repeat the cycle all over again.

Thanks to advancements in science and technology, we can now look back in time and see the primordial beginnings of the Universe and analyze and observe what Nature has accomplished through Natural Selection and evolution and look ahead into the future and extrapolate, based on evolutionary biology, math, science and physics.

Omnia is evolving, and we are an integral part of that evolution. We are on the cusp of understanding the aging process, the human genome and all the forces and powers that our ancestors worshiped and attributed to the gods. We are uniting as a whole, through communication technologies and ethical and environmental movements like PETA, Greenpeace and Veganism.

In line with this thinking, what I would like everyone to understand is that the Universe is fundamentally, an incomprehensibly large Torus… meaning, it is a perpetual, self-sustaining, cyclical system, with two points of tangible polarity, a transformation process of energy that occurs between them and a repeating dynamic of flux with no beginning and no end.

To be clear, our physical Universe of course had a beginning, nearly 14 billion years ago, but my postulation is that the expansion we see now will eventually contract and collapse, folding in on Itself to return to a singular point without matter, space or time. This is what the Omnia was before It became the Universe and this is what It will be again in the distant future.

The Universe we currently inhabit now is the outward expanding manifestation of the alchemy of Life– first to dissolve or separate (“Solve”), which allows for the development of a sea of possibilities with environments that produce an infinite myriad of creative expressions, via galaxies, planets and star systems, which eventually form cohesive, unicellular and multicellular organisms made of denser, vibrating frequencies of physical matter as they harden, join together and coagulate (“Coagula”).

These forms will then continue to evolve and reproduce and evolve and reproduce, as long as they are able… but as time comes to an end, all expressions of the Divine will eventually coalesce and unite to reconstitute into a massive, collective, symbiotic organism made of pure energy. We are in the middle of this process currently.

And just as I described, this process will continue on and on until It is drawn back into cohesion, (not necessarily in a physical sense, but in terms of consciousness). This is happening right now, as the Universe becomes conscious and aware of Itself, through sentient organisms like us and the widespread synthesis of all collective knowledge. Right now, all collective knowledge acquired and gathered by the dominant species on this planet is already being unified and made available to all, through technologies like the Internet, etc.

This is the pathway that returns us to Source… and just like a magnet, just like everything that exists, we will come full circle. This is the Life cycle of every living organism and the Universe is no different. This is my cosmology and this is how my beliefs tie in with Pandeism—in the Life cycle of the Universe, or more accurately put: the life, death and rebirth of God.

All of Nature follows the pattern of the Torus on an energetic level. So it should be known, this is not just some arbitrary form I came up with, it is deeply embedded in the fabric of creation. Every living system operates based on the spiral—the vortex equilibrium is the underlying shape of everything in existence. Study Sacred Geometry, the Fibonacci Sequence, Phi, the Golden Ratio, Vortex Mathematics and Hyperdimensional Physics and the truth will become plain.

Likewise, everything has both a beginning and an end, a head and a tail, a top and a bottom, a stem and a root, where energy flows inward and is received and processed and then flows outward again and is dispersed… and specifically within living organisms, the way energy is collected and condensed or preserved, then transformed via the metabolic process, only to replicate itself, spread out and expand again to repeat the process in a multitude of varying yet similar forms.

Observe Nature and you too will see it~ everything spins, everything spirals, everything rotates, extends and expands, then collapses in on itself and ‘crunches’ to be recycled again. You see this pattern in respiration, in cell division, in the formation of galaxies, in planets and stars, in the splitting of the atom (picture the movement and shape of a giant mushroom cloud formed by the detonation of a 10 kiloton atomic bomb).

In the electromagnetic field that surrounds every human and every living being on the planet. In a hurricane or a tornado, in your hair growth, in your fingerprints, in a flower, etc., etc., etc. There is literally no end to the appearance of this form and there is no system in existence where this movement does not occur and no form or shape or pattern that does not owe its Life essence to the flux and recycling nature of the Torus… it is, for all intents and purposes, the veritable “Body of God.”

Likewise, there really are no straight lines in Nature… on the contrary, everything curves and spirals, everything grows in fractal form, i.e. everything branches outward and repeats and builds upon itself in layers and concentric rings, etc. If you allow yourself to begin thinking with your right brain and make the shift out of left brain mode for a moment, you should be able to look around you at everything and see this pattern. Once you understand the movement and the shape, in an overarching sense, you will realize that there really are no straight lines anywhere.

For example, the apparent “straight” lines of each of the hairs of my cat’s fur at first glance appear straight, but in actuality, due to the nature of Life, they are really patterned in overlapping layers, in a spiraling outgrowth of Toroidal, energetic form. Just as with most hairs derived from an animal, if you look at them under a microscope, they are certainly not straight lines, but instead are made up of a multitude of tiny, individualized, interlocking cells, all grouped together and growing outward and upward, overlapping each other, just like the trunk of a palm tree, or a pineapple, or a pine cone.

This is the Golden Ratio—the blueprint for everything in Nature. What you see in Pi and the Fibonacci Sequence, beyond just allowing forms to express themselves in a balanced and aesthetically pleasing way, is the ultimate conservation of energy, matter, space and time, combined with the ultimate utilization of energy, matter, space and time, in a self-replicating, perpetual cycle, that manifests in fractal form, on every level imaginable, from the microcosm to the macrocosm, repeating itself infinitely.

The Torus allows for the most efficient utilization of resources, expanding every organism or energy form outward in every possible direction, allowing for the greatest potential absorption of energy through water, sunlight and nutrients in the soil. Just as all bacteria protozoa, plant, fungi and animal have the prime directive to reproduce and multiply, etc… simultaneously, this miraculous pattern also allows for the greatest conservation of energy and resources, by remaining interconnected and self-contained, overlapping in brick-like layer after layer of construction, with the precision and accuracy of a master mason, allowing for maximum strength, durability and efficacy.

This is all done of course through successive, interlocking, weave-like patterns that each contain within them, all of the necessary requirements and potential, to replicate and construct (if the proper conditions are met), an entirely new organism, of the same pattern and form, fully cohesive and coherent, with all of the same miraculous qualities existent within, in order to allow it to repeat this same process with near perfect skill and precision, ad infinitum.

Once you understand the Torus and its properties, you begin to understand the working principle behind all things living and non-living. As I stated, my ontology is derived from Nature and through a comprehensive study of biological Life. There is no fruit, vegetable, plant or animal, that does not exhibit two polarities within its form, the radial, starburst pattern, the spiral and the fractal multiplication process, allowing it to self-replicate, expand, collapse and die… this in turn, is what allows all things to grow and change, while at the same time maintaining their fundamental shape and form energetically, over eons of space and time.

If anyone here is unfamiliar with this, I would encourage you to examine any common piece of fruit or plant– see the stem and the base and the space of energy processing in between these two polarities that allows all living things to grow and expand outward, radially, in consecutive rings, fractally (as with roots and branches), or in a vortex spiral pattern (like the petals of a flower). Notice how everything in Nature follows the model of the Torus energetically.

Once you understand its form, you begin to see the pattern everywhere, from the smallest things in existence to the largest—size is irrelevant, the pattern is universal and ubiquitous. Below is an extended quote from my last book about this same divine pattern. In this excerpt, the main character has just apprehended, through a series of stunning and profound visions, the true nature of reality and the eternal, ground of being that sits at the heart of all organic constructs and biological patterns in Nature.

He sees the Torus in his mind’s eye and begins to grasp and comprehend the meaning of Life with stunning clarity and focus, in a life-changing revelation that allows him to instantaneously recognize the toroidal pattern present in everything that exists all around him throughout the natural world:

“I saw the form, first in small things, such as an acorn… then in larger things such as flowers and fruits and plants, sprouting both upward and downward, in apples and oranges and melons, when cut in half, revealing the same glorious form. I saw whirlpools and spirals of energy in everything- in my fingertips and in my body’s circulatory system and in the electromagnetic field of the earth. In the sky, in tornadoes and hurricanes…

Then, in greater things like the solar system and in the movements of the heavens and the orbits of the planets and all of their moons. In the life cycles of plants and animals and in all the seasons- everything was in motion, everything constantly changing and shifting and evolving. I saw schools of fish and flocks of birds, the order of time and the pathways of the wind…

The flow of ocean currents and the spiraling of whirlpool galaxies- it was glorious, majestic, sacred and divine. I saw a man and a woman separate from themselves and then find each other again, as two halves of a whole, coming together to form one being, uniting in the act of procreation. And from out of that union, a child was born. And I saw how their forms were mirrored in the face of that child and how they replicated themselves through the miracle of reproduction…

I saw the DNA and RNA strands and how they spiral and the serpent around Nature’s arm as well and I at last understood why it represented wisdom. I saw ancient and familiar symbols such as the Caduceus and Asclepius’ staff and I felt the fire of the Kundalini rising within me. I heard music playing in my head and I saw all the parts of an atom, all swirling round and round each other, appearing and disappearing at random in the glorious and mysterious dance of life…

I saw the whole of creation and all the beauty that exists therein. It was marvelous and stunning, infinite and profound! I saw the electromagnetic field of the body and how a human being is designed to mirror the same pattern, with energy points at the top of the head and at the soles of the feet. I saw the human aura and the glow that surrounds each living thing in a kaleidoscope of brilliant Kirlian colors…

I saw moon jellies swimming gracefully and sea stars that regenerated themselves and I marveled at how they all grew radially, from a single point, spreading outward in perfect geometric form. The shells of turtles and the successive rings of growth within a tree and it was all the same- concentric rings and energy patterns that radiate outward and form organic matter that follow the same vibrational frequency and build upon itself, layer by layer…

I saw snails and mollusks of the sea and the beautiful spiral of life reflected in their lovely, ornate shells- ever-flowing, ever-growing, revolving inward and outward, both up and down. In radiating sunflowers and daisies and in the petals of roses and the delicate sphere of a dandelion. Seen most clearly in the lines and shape of a pumpkin, but found in everything from radishes to onions, in broccoli and cauliflower, figs and olives, grapes and lemons and limes as well…

Endless varieties of life, all deriving their form from this perpetual energy field that rises and falls and completes itself in perfect mathematical order with a sanctified harmony of spirit. The circuits of the planets and the course of the moon, the rise and fall of the tides and the cycles of Nature. The birth of a star and its own life cycle- the noble journey through all of its phases until it finally collapses in upon itself to die and become a black hole…

I saw humanity and the ageing process of all life. The patterns of sleep and all the wondrous systems in the body and how they cooperate together and operate in unison. My mind traveled forward and backward in time, bringing to recollection all of my studies in biology and the sciences- alchemy, astronomy, history, art and philosophy…

Again, I saw ancient and forgotten symbols- the Flower of Life and the Ouroboros, the Nehushtan and the Cosmic Egg. The beginnings of all things and the end of all things and all of the extraordinary sacred geometry that exists between. For my mind was ablaze with images and I could see through matter and I understood the energetic flow and the cosmic blueprint that motivates and inspires all of life- the creation of all things and their growth processes as well…

And everywhere, in everything, always the spiral. I saw the Yin and Yang of the east and the Golden Mean- the perfect desirable balance between two extremes, one of excess and the other of deficiency and I knew that this was what makes the world. For the understanding of this grew and grew in my mind and I was filled with a flurry of inspiration and ideas…”

The Portal of Adamastos (pages 261-264)

2 thoughts on “The Divine Pattern

  1. “Likewise, there really are no straight lines in Nature… on the contrary, everything curves and spirals, everything grows in fractal form, i.e. everything branches outward and repeats and builds upon itself in layers and concentric rings, etc. If you allow yourself to begin thinking with your right brain and make the shift out of left brain mode for a moment, you should be able to look around you at everything and see this pattern. Once you understand the movement and the shape, in an overarching sense, you will realize that there really are no straight lines anywhere.”

    How ironic since this is just what I was talking about in our Facebook chat. I know that straightness is sort of an illusion even though I still think of them as real because of how they appear to me.

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