The 10 Commandments of Nature

tree of nature5

These are the words of the Omnia- channeled and recorded by Naython Mornday:

1.)  Honor, appreciate, respect and value ALL life, including your own. Know that all things in this world are your family and all things are connected. Recognize the oneness of all and strive always to live at peace with all of those around you. Follow common sense, logic and reason. In respecting and honoring yourself, honor these qualities which you already intrinsically possess. Be ever grateful for what you have and appreciate always that which you have been given. For in an instant, it can all be taken away. Therefore, show respect to all and experience gratitude.

2.)  Live in harmony with yourself and with the earth. Take not more from her than what is required, neither deprive yourself of her many blessings. In all things show balance, moderation and restraint. Waste nothing and always give back at least half of what you have taken. Do not dominate or control, but instead learn to cooperate and co-exist.

3.) Harm no animal, including yourself, either by action or inaction, unless it be in self-defense or out of mercy. For all life is precious in my eyes and all have value and worth, from the smallest to the greatest. If and when you must kill, let it be only to protect your life or the lives of others. And if you must take life, do so quickly and humanely, with all kindness and respect. Grieve and mourn the loss of any whose life you are forced to terminate. For animals are persons and all have thoughts, feelings and a will of their own. Similarly, all beings have a right to exist and thrive, just as you do- therefore, know that you are no better and no worse than they.

4.) Know your place in the grand scheme of things- remember always that you are born of the earth; one part primitive animal, one part divine. Therefore, do not deny or suppress your inner urges and instincts, neither give in to them fully and act primal, but instead channel them always in ways that are helpful and good, so as to benefit yourself and all those around you. Know yourself and what you are capable of (both good and evil) and be honest and truthful with who you really are.

5.) Be not extreme in anything you do, whether in thought, or word, or deed. Run away from excess and deny the urge to overindulge. Seek balance in all things and pursue homeostasis outside as well as within and you will live long and abundantly. Worship nothing in this world, but honor and respect all that is.

6.) Care for and nurture all things in this world- that which has breath and voice, as well as that which does not. For all things are alive and all things feel and grow in their own way. Therefore, preserve and protect all life as good and noble stewards of the planet. Admire all things living and find your kinship with them. Treat them as you would family- with dignity and respect, for they are your fellow citizens and your brothers and sisters while you dwell upon the earth.

7.) In your life, let all of your hopes, plans, dreams and aspirations, be centered always on nothing less than that which promotes the highest good for yourself, for others and for the world around you. Let justice, truth and love be your guides, ever and always. Let kindness, compassion and humility fill your hearts and your minds at all times. Do this, and you are free to do whatever you like, all the days of your life, for whatever path you choose will certainly be blessed. And know you this: as long as you live in this way, whatever you do will be good, prosperous and beneficial to all.

8.) Whatever you are skilled in, whatever your talent, do it with all of your heart, all of your mind and all of your soul. Follow your heart, wherever it may lead you. Seek fulfillment and joy, and pursue whatever it is that brings you happiness, but in all things be sure to keep these laws and observe them faithfully and everything you do will be successful. Do this, and you will prosper and thrive all of your days. Neglect this law, and you will wither and starve.

9.)  Exist in the now and recognize the past and future as mere illusion. Exist always in the present moment that is before you and you will find happiness and joy eternally. Do not live in the past, or think too heavily upon the future. All that exists is now, so learn from your mistakes and do not regret the past. Plan for the future, but do not always expect it to come. For you are not promised tomorrow, only today. Therefore, be present and conscious of who you are and what you are doing within each moment. Truly, this moment is all there is and all that matters.

10.) Listen to the voice of Nature and learn the wisdom of plants and animals- for they are your teachers and your guides in this world. Follow my rhythms and take part in the ebb and flow of life. Watch closely the cycles and the seasons, learn the patterns and signs I have given you and take note of the changes that come. Operate as I do and you will be sustained, move not with me and you will be destroyed- for this is my last charge to you. These are my laws and this is what I require.

I am Life. I am the Universe. I am Nature… and I have spoken.

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