A Message From the Universe


“During your time here, as far as you are able, never cease to do what is good. Always strive to leave the world a better place than you found it. In doing this, be ever humble, for you are made of earth. Yet be ever noble, for you are also made of stars. One day you will leave this planet and journey to the stars to find Me.

Until then, you must never forget, you are my children- children of the stars. All power and wisdom are already within you. Unlimited creative potential within your very grasp. Nevertheless, seek not power, but enlightenment. Seek not control over others, but balance within yourself. Seek not pleasure, but fulfillment. Do all these things and you will live a life filled with purpose and meaning. Do all these things and you will find your calling. Do all these things and you will fulfill your destiny upon this planet.

Very soon you will be re-absorbed back into the elements and though many more like you will come, there will never be another exactly like you,  so take your place in the great cycle and move with the flow. Learn all that you can and do all that you can, while you are here. Be all that you are able to be and live according to your own highest standards, your own greatest potential. Leave behind something meaningful for those who come after you and do not fear death, or suffering, or pain. For your life is only a small blink in time until you are one with Me again, so make the most of every opportunity and do not squander the time you’ve been given.

Cherish every brief moment that comes your way. Likewise, pursue whatever it is that brings you joy- for this is your time to exist and be who you are and now is the only time you will ever have to leave your mark upon this world. Live therefore, learn and evolve. Experience all that you can, so that I may also learn and grow. For you are my eyes and my ears, my hands and my feet in this world. Therefore, contribute and progress in all things and you will help further my own education. Accept your place in the grand scheme of things and know that you will not be forgotten.

For you are an integral part of Me and the eternal process. Remember always- you are a part of Nature and Nature is a part of you. You are the eyes and ears of the Cosmos, the hands and feet of God. You are the evolving Universe- walking and talking, thinking and breathing, living and dying, existing now as a human being, perhaps gone tomorrow, but here at least for a little while, today. Know your value and your worth- for you are the finite voice of the infinite Mind that is at the Source of all things, great and small. Therefore, live each day in wonderment and child-like fascination, as you seek truth and explore the world around you.

For you are Life itself~ ever-evolving, ever-changing and ever-adapting, living, existing, growing and moving forward through history. I know your pain my child, as I know the pain of all who suffer and cry out to their invented gods. For I am in you and with you through all of your challenges, through all of your suffering and all of your triumphs and tragedies as well. It is my spirit which gives you the strength to overcome and my power within you that allows you to grow and heal and progress as a species.”

Yours Truly,

~ The Universe.

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