The Goals of Biopan

Earth Tree Child

“Pantheism” is the belief or awareness that everything is God. “Pandeism” is the same assertion, with the speculation that God ‘became’ the physical Universe at the moment of the Big Bang. “Biopantheism” combines both of these philosophies, with an emphasis on living organisms and the importance of biological Life—as well as ethics, morality and all things relevant and meaningful to the human condition.

In terms of symbolism and iconography, the energetic model of the Torus is a primary focus, in that it is the ubiquitous pattern existent in the motion and activity of all things in the physical Universe we inhabit. Within this philosophy exists a viable theory concerning our purpose and our ultimate future destiny as a species, as we collectively unite and progress as unique manifestations of God.

Evolution is also a major aspect of Biopan ontology and an accurate knowledge of science, astronomy, biology and physics are essential and extremely important as well. Inspiration through education, poetry, art, music and altruism. Cooperation, cohesion and the unification of our species as a whole, through peaceful, symbiotic, coexistence and cohabitation with one another and with Nature.

Balance and homeostasis are key, with a maximum focus on humanistic ideals and the betterment of human and inter-species relations, in order to improve the quality of life for all. Communion with Nature and the intimate, personal and influential knowledge, experience and awareness, of our divine connection to all things great and small—this is Biopantheism.

It is the philosophical framework that serves as the foundational basis for environmental ethics, ecological awareness, wildlife conservation, sustainable living, the protection of the rights and well-being of other living organisms, the preservation of biodiversity, a passionate, progressive attitude of activism with regards to animal cruelty… and for some, the practice and promotion veganism and vegetarianism.

I am open to any and all discussion concerning the welfare of both human and non-human animals alike, as well as whatever is beneficial and salubrious in relation to living organisms, the ecosystems, the environment, the biosphere, the planet, and all of the multitudinous Life forms that we share space and breath with on this earth.

“Omnia” is my word for God and the inherent, ‘Life Principle’ found within all things, that pushes and pulls all energy/matter to expand and collapse, spread out and coalesce, spontaneously self-organize, reproduce, evolve, adapt, survive, learn, grow, heal and operate autonomously.

Omnia is also the Universe and everything in it. It is the physical locale we inhabit, as well as the forces of Nature and the natural laws that govern and sustain all things, which are ever-present, immutable and eternal.

This divinity is immanent, pervasive, omnipresent and emergent, existing perpetually and manifesting in and through all sentient, sapient beings and higher Life forms, both intellectually and morally, cognitively and collectively.

Biopantheism rejects all notions of the supernatural, in favor of a heightened, more acute awareness of the natural world and the biological functions of Nature—as both creator and sustainer, as our ever-present teacher and guide, as well as our mortal enemy and the bringer of destruction.

Understanding this dichotomy is key, in that we are also aware that we as human beings are the intellectual and moral aspect of Omnia… and as such, we have the power to end all human suffering and bring about peace and homeostasis on a global scale—first in our societies, and then to the animal kingdom itself. Biopan is progressive and forward-thinking, with a strong belief in meliorism and the innate power of the individual, as well as the collective whole.

It opposes any and all forms of superstition, in favor of logic, reason and evidence-based science. It sees mainstream religions and government institutions as harmful and deceptive, in that they make false promises, seek to control and oppress others and encourage delusion and wishful thinking, by promoting the existence of supernatural beings and an invisible, spiritual world.

That being said, I am still open to exploring the paranormal and getting to the bottom of any and all apparent, ‘supernatural’ and metaphysical phenomenon purported to occur and I adamantly believe this subject should be approached with sober vigilance and clarity of mind, without any predetermined biases.

To answer the existential questions, provide purpose, guidance, direction and meaning to those who are seeking. To liberate and awaken the divine potential within, by showing compassion and empathy toward all sentient Life—these are the goals of Biopan.

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