The Ultimate Questions

mind of God

Is there, or is there not, an all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful, benevolent, overarching force that has our best interest in mind? Is there a disembodied, transcendent force or power for good in the Universe? This is one of the most important questions we could ever ask in terms of religion and philosophy.

Sci-Pans would say no, Theists and New Agers would say yes, and point to either a personified or abstract concept of God. Biopans would say that force is internal and not conscious or coherent enough at this time to make any moral choices about anything. The question can go around and around, with everyone offering their own perspective, claiming to know the answer.

And so, what is the truth regarding these matters? It’s simple. Look at reality. Observe Nature closely and see and understand what Life is doing on a fundamental level, without any preconceived notions or predetermined biases. I have done this for many years and this is what I have found:

The Omnia drives us to evolve, reproduce, survive, etc. It teaches us right and wrong through the laws of cause and effect. It heals us and sustains us, cares for us (through the earth) and nurtures and supports us (through our own bodies and through our actions and the actions of others), but It’s also incredibly cold and uncaring and indifferent and ultimately, out to get us and kill us if It can (through predators, diseases, bacteria, viruses, etc.)

The Universe guides us from within, through our own morality and instincts, but It does not judge us on a moral level. You can easily get away with wrong doing, or you might get punished for doing absolutely nothing wrong, or suffer the consequences of what you’ve done immediately, if it is a significant wrong that has affected others (this is of course much more evident if you live in a heavily populated society).

Conversely, you may hurt yourself or someone else and no one will know and you may not show any outward, visible signs of the damage- you may not be damaged at all, or the damage that you’ve done may resurface later in you or come back to haunt you in ways you never expected (this is why some believe in karma).

You can be the best person in the entire world, a veritable saint… and never see the reward or expected moral outcome of your sacrifices and services, or you could be a shrewd, selfish, bastard and do nothing worthy of praise or greatness and still receive honor and accolades that you don’t deserve.

This is the nature of life- there is no ultimate justice, no consistent, instantaneous or delayed reward or punishment for good or evil behavior, because there is no divine judge keeping score, because there is NO personal god. In psychological terms, this is actually a cognitive distortion known as the “Heaven’s Reward Fallacy” ..and yet, it is exactly what Christian, Jewish and Islamic Theism consistently teaches.

There are, however, instantaneous consequences to every action, every word, every thought or deed, whether it is overtly obvious to you, or not. This is simply the law of cause and effect… and it may or may not be in line with what you deserve. The value of it all depends on your response to each situation and whether or not you allow it to become a lesson to you.

In this way, we can actually use life as a form of teacher, allowing It to guide and direct us, in terms of the refinement of our character and the development of our morality and awareness. Life/the Omnia desires to see us evolve, in any way possible, whether that process is painful or easy depends on your attitude, your choices, your particular circumstances, your environment and your willingness to learn and grow.

There are many out there, even among the Pan community, who are much more ‘trusting’ in the Universe, more spiritually minded in terms of their philosophy and ultimate worldview, etc. I am not questioning them personally, I’m questioning whether or not this attitude is actually valid and in line with logic and reason, according to the most current scientific information we have.

Being a former Theist myself, I spent the better part of my life looking at things in this way and by some insane miracle of psychosomatic correlation and internal/external synchronicity, it was perpetuated for quite some time. Was it all a matter of subjective interpretation, or was there something more at work behind it? And if so, how does it relate to Pantheism? What is the meaning of Life? What is the purpose for existence?

I say, it is for the Omnia to experience Life in subjective form- to learn and grow and engage in all of the trillions of differentiated experiences any rock or plant or animal can have. To experience the novel and the unexpected. To appreciate our own existence and marvel at the beauty and majesty of Nature, to experience the mysterious and explore new horizons, to create and be creative, to design and build and revel in our senses…

And lastly, to make the world a better place, i.e. to end all suffering, violence and evil, and contribute in a positive, meaningful and significant way. To leave behind a legacy for future generations of humans and non-humans alike, through altruism and benevolent behavior, in order to aid in the evolution of our species and eventually become that infinite, transcendent god that all Theists mistakenly believe in now.

WE, are the Omnia. WE, are God in the making!!

Live like it and act like it…

and you will hasten and speed that ultimate transformation.

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