Biopantheism in a Nutshell

Tree of Life

How is Biopantheism different from Pantheism itself? It is very different—but only in terms of speculation, focus and application. I am, for all intents and purposes, a Pantheist, who has just gone further with the philosophy and taken it to the next level. Biopan is a codification of Pantheism– a personalized form that gives it arms, legs and a face. Here is a point-by-point, categorical summary:

The Ontology:

No God, no Devil, no heaven or hell, no afterlife (until verifiable, demonstrable evidence becomes available that proves contrary). One singular Life source or ‘Creator’, split up into trillions of forms, constantly creating and re-creating subjective aspects of Itself for the purpose of experience.

The Epistemology:

The infinite All (the Omnia) is unknowable and impersonal—It is literally dead, comatose, asleep, etc. But Its memory is in all things, Its programming is running perpetually (the Laws of Nature), It is everywhere subjectively and nowhere cohesively. But, like a hologram, Its power and influence resides in all things. All things are a reflection of the Whole, but the Whole is so vast and incomprehensible, it can never be fully known by us.

The Reality:

It is Nature and It is us—but we are Its burgeoning mind, Its developing conscience. It is unconscious right now, yet It is autonomic and spontaneous, in terms of self-organization and the forward movement to organize and reconstitute. It (as God) does not exist until we collectively come together as a species and become cohesive and singular in our thoughts, actions, attitudes and deeds.

The Speculation:

It was once singular (before the Big Bang), but It had no form or movement, i.e. It existed only as pure potential, non-manifest energy. Now, It exists as every manifestation imaginable—on this planet, as carbon-based Life forms and all of the various environments and ecosystems that sustain It. In the future, It will once again be whole and complete. This is the ultimate teleological goal of evolution.

The Sacred Pattern:

All of Its actions moving in the spiraling, cyclical pattern of the Torus—the fundamental shape that embodies all things. One day It will reconstitute and return to pure consciousness; all-powerful, all-knowing and everywhere coherently. Right now, it is up to us to evolve and awaken, so that this catatonic God can resurrect and gather all of Its scattered, constituent parts back to Itself in unity.

The Origins & Eschatology:

In this way, Biopantheism not only accounts for our own ineffable origins (through Pandeism), it also speculates and postulates concerning our unfathomable end—the ultimate future destiny of our species (or whatever other highly evolved species takes over, if we mess things up and destroy ourselves).

The Hope:

We as individuals will all die, but the Omnia lives on perpetually, through all Life forms. It is the very essence of Life Itself. In this way, though our physical forms are finite and temporary, we all live forever as well, in a kind of eternal, reincarnation… yet without any individual, personalized, coherent awareness.

The Work:

What I have done with Biopan is taken an obscure, stagnant and undefined philosophy, with no practical application or relevance to the modern world, and made it personal, science-based and completely in line with logic, reason and all things pertinent and meaningful to the human condition.

The Awareness:

Out of Pantheistic awareness (awareness of the glory and wonder of the natural world and an acute understanding of the interconnectedness and interdependence of all Life), comes an Earth-based form of ethics and morality (“bioethics”), derivative of Native American culture and Pagan sentiments, in their respect and reverence for all Life and their noble and accurate attitude of recognizing the sacred, divine essence found in all things.

The Experience:

In tandem with this, any form of ritual or observance you wish to partake in that brings you closer to the elemental forces and powers of Nature that shape and sustain our world, communicated, expressed or portrayed through personification, symbolism and metaphor (that are realized as such), as a personal way to understand, relate to, and associate ourselves with the Divine, is 100% acceptable.

The Focus:

Above all, the “Bio” in Biopan stands for Life, biology and the priority of living organisms, with an emphasis on ethics and inter-connectivity, expressed through love, altruism, unity, cohesion and a collective mindset that promotes and encourages symbiotic relationships, cooperation, compassion and a deep respect for the earth and all living systems.

The Purpose:

Enlightenment, inspiration, awareness, sober living, balance and regular communion and interaction with Nature, that allows for a notable elevation in consciousness, which leads to environmentalism, wildlife conservation, the preservation of natural resources, holistic health and sustainable living.

The Amalgamation:

This is Biopan– founded on Pantheism, grounded in science, rooted in logic, expressing the mystical, comprehending the ineffable, establishing the impetus for unity and love, sharing a sacred knowledge that is colored by Paganism, tempered by reason and brought to its natural conclusion of bioethics and environmental awareness, through education and activism.

The Religion:

A practical form of spirituality, that is completely Naturalistic and progressive, yet ancient and rich in its history, drawing from the great Eastern traditions of Taoism, combined with the indigenous sentiments of Animism, while at the same time incorporating sacred geometry and modern knowledge of evolution, biology, physics and astronomy.

The Goal:

It is Religious Naturalism, Deep Ecology and classical Pantheistic thought, fused into a sublime synthesis of logic, passion and inspiration, that if realized, established and promoted, can effectively change our world for the better, by acting as a healthy alternative to the destructive and discordant effects of mainstream, institutionalized religion and especially archaic, orthodox fundamentalism.

The Mission:

To expose falsity, reject superstition, decipher mysticism and oppose literalism, to make Nature and living organisms our top priority and progress and evolve as a species, embracing and accepting all differentiated aspects of the Omnia, in order to ‘become’ the God of myth and legend.

This is our Source, this is our Life, this is Who we are!

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