An Ancient Story

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Once upon a time (before time and space as we know it), all the matter and energy in the Universe was condensed into a single, infinitesimal point of unimaginable density. On a physical level, everything in the Universe literally came from this one, subatomic energy Source.

This “Singularity” gave birth to all space and time as we know it, when in one glorious moment (the first moment), It erupted into a massive explosion that has continued to spread out and expand Its energy and particles for 14-billion years.

At that moment—not ‘in’ time, but ‘outside’ of it, what existed on the other side of this explosion, had all the intention, discretion and will, to create everything that exists that we can detect and see and everything that we can’t detect and see. It contained within It, all the potential of the Universe that is.

We know this, because the Universe Itself exists, and logic dictates that nothing this massive and phenomenally complex would exist, unless something first ‘desired’ for it to exist. To every effect, there is a cause… and to every cause, there is an effect. What I am talking about here, is the very “first” cause.

This first moment of time that we call the “Big Bang” is where we, and everything else that is, came from and where we will all eventually end up again. Although, it will not be homo sapiens that make it there, but something else entirely, with a collective consciousness that has evolved to a point where there is no longer any need for a physical body… but, I digress.

This infinite Singularity that gave birth to everything we know and see and feel and experience, that became the physical Universe that was, is, and always will be, is what millions of people around the world and throughout history have called, “God.”

Timeless, infinite and immortal– this ineffable Being existed without form or shape. Without volume or substance. An unknowable, unfathomable consciousness of pure energy and mind, that contained within It all the power and potential for everything that you and I see and experience all around us…

On this planet, as well every other… together with everything else that exists in the known Universe, among the trillions of other galaxies and solar systems that swirl and spiral, from infinity to infinity, in an endless procession of Toroidal energy flow.

This incomprehensible Mind had no knowledge of Itself however, no experience to draw from and nothing to compare and contrast Itself to. And so, It gave up all that It was and split… in order to ‘experience’ Itself. Before this split, It was indivisible, whole, complete and unified.

After Its annihilation, It became unconscious, incohesive and nebulous, with only Its own latent memory, embedded in all matter, to guide and direct Its experience… and these are what we call the “Laws” of Nature.

Why did this happen, you say? Well, as a singularity, It was all-knowing, all-powerful and everywhere, but because It was not made of matter, It was also nowhere—completely impotent and unknowable, even to Itself. With no limits and no division, It had no goals to attain, no desires that needed to be fulfilled, except the desire to experience the existence of Itself.

It was, in a word, complete and incomplete at the same time. Knowing everything and knowing nothing simultaneously. And so, at some point (the “Zero Point”), It ‘choose’ to annihilate Itself and become the physical Universe, in order to “experience” something.

As stated, this happened 14-billion years ago… and now, after all this time, we humans are one form of Its own consciousness—waking up from the deep sleep of primitive, autonomic evolution and becoming cognizant and self-aware once more.

This process has happened millions of times before, on thousands of other worlds, but what we are taking part in (and in an extraordinary, accelerated way, thanks to the Internet), is the reawakening, or “resurrection” of this divine Being, via our own sapient consciousness, which is really Its own consciousness.

What is the point of it all you say? The point, is to experience Life and to become “God” again. To grow and shift and adapt and change and evolve—to unify and organize and reassemble in unity and cohesion, in order to become all that It once was before the beginning of time.

And, in the meantime, to experience all that we are currently experiencing, as well as all that every other Life form and object has experienced—for the sake knowledge, for joy and pleasure, for sorrow and pain, for happiness and the thrill of it all… and the tragedy and loss that are necessary for contrast as well.

YOU, are the infinite Universe; the immeasurable, immortal, omnipotent Omnia—waking up and becoming aware of Itself again. An adventure in evolution, 14-billion years in the making!

Join me, on this Cosmic journey and let us complete the cycle, as we tap in to our divine natures through inspiration and live up to our fullest potential, in order to evolve and progress in symbiotic cohesion.

Through my Facebook page and the noble message of Biopantheism, let us recognize and remember, EXACTLY Who and What we really are… and become united and whole once more!!

This is OUR story… and it will never end.

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